Soul Searcher

 Tully has certainly changed like everybody else who passes through the gates of heaven. His German temper sometimes rears its ugly head but hasn’t been a concern until near of this story.

Tully is very happy with the niche he’s carved for himself here but I get the feeling he’s getting hungry for more responsibility. And I can say between you and me that a bigger opportunity is on the horizon. 

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 My dad taught me early on that if you don’t command respect, you won’t get any!

Just like your rights! If you really don’t know them you really don’t have any.

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 Lad, you’ve been with us five years and you’ve done everything we’ve asked,” he said, taking the paper contents out of the folder. “You’ve no doubt grown into the person we knew you would.”

“The Lord knows what we’ve asked you to do for five years isn’t, as you’d say, rocket science. Even though you had your faults on earth you were a closer, somebody who got the job done! Father Rene saw that in you your entire life, especially as a union employee at McDade Rope and Wire. Did I say that properly, lad? 

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Book Summary

In this sequel to Change for the Bettor, Tully Greenwood accepts an opportunity to retrieve lost and stranded souls, along with their guardian angels in cemeteries around the country. He encounters satanic characters at every stop, but he overcomes them using a gold cross blessed by the Lord himself as his primary tool. In six months, Tully’s success total reaches three hundred heaven-bound souls, including his ex-wife and her guardian angel. During his five years in eternity, the former playboy/bettor in life develops into a proven servant-leader. He finds true love and happiness in former high school classmate Brandy Tollefson, his very first rescue in a Kansas cemetery.

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